Achrei Mos-Kedoshim 5751: No Reason to Fear Geulah

At present, we are at the conclusion of the exile and at any moment Moshiach will come. First of all, a response is necessary for all those who are worried when they hear a clamor that everyone is required to do what they can do to bring Moshiach: They are concerned that the entire time they spent building up business and social relationships in exile will be forfeited when the Redemption comes.

These worries can be assuaged on the basis of the concepts explained above: The redemption will not nullify the natural order as it exists at present. On the contrary, all the positive achievements of the exile will remain and indeed, will be elevated with the coming of the Redemption. Within them, will be revealed the Alef, G‑d’s Presence. This will put the focus on what the true intent of these activities is, the revelation of G‑d’s honor throughout the world.

Therefore, a person need not worry about what will become of his business activities when Moshiach comes. On the contrary, he can rest assured that all the activities that he carried out according to the Torah’s guidelines — even those that are not directly associated with the Torah and its mitzvos — are of value. However, this also points to the importance of a person keeping the fundamental purpose of his business activity in mind, and making sure that his efforts are directed to revealing G‑d’s honor.

This also leads to another concept. A person should not think that the Redemption will be totally a spiritual matter without any connection to our activities within this world. This is not the case. On the contrary, it is through our activities in exile, that we will merit the coming of the Redemption. Within those activities must also be a fundamental stress on “Reflecting on three things,” as explained above; i.e., focusing one’s energies one elevating the world at large. In particular, this should be expressed in increasing one’s donations to tzedakah, giving of one’s physical effort and wealth to provide another person with his material needs.

We see in fact that the nature of the world encourages such activities and in that context, it is worthy to mention the discovery of jewels in a far removed corner of the world. These jewels will be used for “a bride’s ornaments,” to increase the merit of the Jewish people through gifts to tzedakah.

* * *

In connection with the redemption, we find the prophecy, “And Kingship will be the L‑rd’s.” This includes kingship, not only over the Jews, but also over the gentile nations as well. Hence, as a preparation for Moshiach’s coming, it is also important to spread the observance of the Seven universal Laws commanded to the descendants of Noach.

In this context, it is worthy to mention how the activities of the world and that of the gentile nations appear to be assisting the coming of the Redemption. In previous generations, the Jews suffered oppression from the gentile nations in which they lived and in the present generation, the opposite is true. Most Jews live in countries whose governments are generous and assist them in the observance of the Torah and mitzvos, allowing them to carry out the inner service that will bring about a personal redemption which, in turn, will hasten the coming of the redemption as a whole. Surely, this is true of the country in which we are living. Furthermore, these countries are also granting assistance to Jews in the world at large, helping Jews immigrate to Eretz Yisrael.

In the last few years, we have seen this tendency spread to other nations throughout the world, even to Russia. Instead of suppressing the observance of the Torah and its mitzvos as in previous generation, they have granted religious freedom and are also allowing Jews the opportunity to emigrate to Eretz Yisrael. Furthermore, they are even assisting them in this objective. This helps prepare the way for the ultimate ingathering of the exiles in the Era of the Redemption.

Similarly, we see how the United States, the most powerful nation in the world, has dedicated its resources for the purpose of charity and education, two of the most fundamental activities necessary to create a stable environment in the world.

For this purpose, the United States has sent hundreds of its soldiers to help hungry and starving people in a far off corner of the world. Instead of using its airplanes for war, it employed them to reach those people who require such assistance. And instead of using its wealth for the benefit of its own people alone, it gave of that wealth to save the lives of unfortunate people and children. Although the people of this country had little contact with these unfortunate people previously, as soon as they heard of their suffering, they volunteered their assistance.

Similarly, in these days, the President of this country has issued Proclamations calling for an increase in education. At the very beginning of his Presidency he stated his desire to be known as “The Education President,” and at present, efforts are being made to strengthen education throughout the country.

An interrelationship exists between the fact that these steps are being taken by the United States and that the United States has been established as the most powerful nation in the world. Because the United States has dedicated itself to these goals, G‑d has granted it such power. This reveals how there is an inner process of causation operating within the world, pushing it to reveal its true G‑dly nature.

Translation: Sichos in English

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