About This Project


This project was originally intended to provide translations into English of the Rebbe’s revolutionary talks of the years 5751-52 (1991-92), known as the “nun-alef/nun-beis sichos” or “Dvar Malchus” (“The word of the King”).

In these talks the Rebbe is guiding us to an awareness of the fact that the spiritual and physical Exile is ending and we are in the transition time of the Days of Moshiach which lead to the true and complete Redemption.

The first few sichos (beginning with parshas Vayikra) are more on the order of worked-over translations, but this proved to be a monumental task (translating 16-20 pages with copious footnotes) and we questioned whether this form of translation suits these complex sichos.  (In the meantime, we found out that someone else was doing such word-for-word translations into English, and surely no need to duplicate.  (Those translations, by R’ Eliyahu Binyominson, are available on his website LivingMoshiach)

In light of all that, and in light of the realization that our strength lies in identifying and explaining key points in these talks, the project became not one of translation but rather “insights and overview” to illuminate these sichos for the English reader, both the “newcomer” and the seasoned Chosid alike.

The author of these articles, R’ Yankev Nosson Bock, שיחיה, currently lives in Eretz Yisroel with his wife and family, שיחיוי, ,

Originally published: Eve of 24 Teves, 5774, the 202nd anniversary of the Hillula of the Alter Rebbeץ
Updated: Eve of Rosh Chodesh Kislev, 5779, the 41st anniversary of the Rebbe leaving 770 after over a month of recuperation in 5738 (1977).
Last updated: Adar 5783, 70 years since the Rebbe eliminated Stalin, yemach shemo.  בשפתיו ימית רשע

6 thoughts on “About This Project

  1. Hi, would you happen to know where in the USA I can buy the 5 volume set of Dvar Malchus, דבר מלכות עם פיענוח?

  2. I find your website so helpful. Did you ever translate the Rebbe’s handout on Chazares Malchus Beis Dovid u’Shlaimos Mishpatei HaTorah, printed on Beis Iyar 5751, and given out on 16 Iyar.

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