28 Sivan 5751: Agree and Proclaim That the Geulah is Here

The 28th of Sivan marks the day in 1941 when the Rebbe (איש וביתו–together with the Rebbetzin, a”h), arrived to America after fleeing Europe. [video]

The year 5751 (1991) marked the yovel year (50th anniversary) and a special booklet was printed and distributed by the Rebbe in honor of the special day.  The Rebbe spoke a sicha preceeding the Maariv prayers, and following Maariv, when it was announced that there would be a break while they will go to bring the booklets, the Rebbe interrupted with a smile and said that instead of a “break” there will be a “continuation” and the Rebbe proceeded to continue speaking.

During the “continuation” of the sicha, the Rebbe said:

…in order for the Holy One, blessed be He, to bring about [the Geuloh] in a complete manner, He requires (so to speak) the participation of every single Jew, that via “our deeds and our effort” the Geuloh comes.  Thus, He must require, so to speak, that a Jew will agree, and more than that — that he will want and will proclaim that not only “the time has arrived for  your Redemption”, but rather that simply the Geuloh is already present….  This is brought about by a Jew in golus.

Reading this closely, note that the Rebbe is saying that what is needed in order to BRING the redemption is that a Jew who is still in GOLUS (meaning that he has not experienced the Geuloh) nonetheless will AGREE and PROCLAIM that the Geuloh is ALREADY here “b’pashtus”!  To agree, and to go so far as to proclaim, that the Geuloh is already here while you yourself are still in golus — this what brings the Geuloh!

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