Chayei Sara 5752: The Shlichus is to Accept Moshiach!

Among the most important of the Dvar Malchus sichos is this week, Chayei Sara, where the Rebbe is addressing those who arrived for the International Shluchim Convention, and announces that there is “new dimension” (a chiddush) in the shlichus, which is to greet Moshiach.  The Rebbe begins the sicha as follows (the bold is in the original):

We are standing at the beginning of the International Kinus Hashluchim — from the shluchim of my father-in-law the Rebbe Nosi Doreinu, in all four corners of the world.  We must first and foremost mention the foundation, to express the task of the shluchim in this generation in general, and particularly — the new dimension (chiddush) in the job of shlichus which has come about especially in the most recent time: to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu in the true and complete Geulah.

[…]As has been said numerous times, in addition to the common point in the general job of shlichus of Jews who as a whole are shluchim of the Almighty, the shlichus of “I was created to serve my maker”, and particularly the shluchim of Nosi Doreinu — a point which is common and equally applicable to all times — there arises periodically a new dimension (chiddush) in the shlichus, a special shlichus, which becomes the “gate” through which all the aspects of the shlichus ascend.  And how much more so as regards this matter — an essential and all-encompassing which is not only a detail (or even a general matter) in the shlichus.  Rather, it is a primary matter and a comprehensive matter, to such a degree that it is the most comprehensive matter in Yiddishkeit — the preparation to bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu — which includes with it all the specific details of the job of shlichus.

As we have already spoken many times (particularly in the recent months and weeks):  that our sages have informed us that “all the end times have passed” (“kolu kol hakitzin”), and the announcement from my father-in-law the Rebbe Nosi Doreinu, that also tshuva has already been done, to the point that all matters of avodah have been completed (even “polishing the buttons”), and we are standing ready to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu — thus the job of shlichus now is: to be prepared in actuality to greet Moshiach Tzikeinu in actuality (b’poal mamash)!

From this it is understood that the goal of the present International Kinus Hashluchim is expressed in this point: to discuss this together and to accept good resolutions in order to fulfill them in actuality, as to how to accomplish the special shlichus of our time: greeting Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

There is much more to address in this sicha, most notably the expression “to greet Moshiach” which is literally “to accept the face of Moshiach”.  Hopefully more posts will follow,בע”ה.

Complete Dvar Malchus, parshas Chayei Sara (Laha”k)

Sicha of parshas Chayei Sara 5752 (Yiddish, edited by the Rebbe)

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